Our Menu has been developed with children’s tastes and health in mind, no additives, just healthy nutritious fillings, something for everyone.

Sushi Rolls

Available in Brown or White Rice

Chicken Teriyaki & Cucumber or Avocado,

Plain Avocado,

Cooked Tuna & Avocado or Cucumber,

Mini Sushi Boxes (15 small pieces)

All Avocado,      

½ Cucumber & ½ Cooked Tuna  pieces

Mixed box, 5 pieces of each, Avocado, Tuna & Cucumber 

Large Sushi Boxes (8 large pieces)

Chicken Schnitzel & Lettuce box,

California Box, 

Cooked Tuna and Cucumber or Avocado Box

Image- roll white rice chicken schnitzel & lettuce

Chicken Schnitzel, White Rice & Lettuce